The Dead Pool

Named after the Clint Eastwood / Dirty Harry film "The Dead Pool" , David Sugarman has been running a Dead Pool for many years.

Important - Dead Pool in abeyance for '97

The Dead Pool grew so rapidly last year that it got too much for my time and software ! I'm working on new programs and competitions, please bear with me.

The Objective:

To name ten celebrities who will die during the coming year. Each celebrity counts as one point. Amputations do not contribute towards the total. You can view the most popular entries in the 1996 Dead Pool. The leader board shows the current scores and the results of the 1995 Dead Pool. Also shown are the celebrities who died in 1996, during 1995 and 1994.

Processed and accepted entries can be found here.

Entries that are currently being queried (I don't recognise a name) can be found here. Sorry to say, I've been extremely busy this past six months and haven't been able to give the Dead Pool my full attention.

The Prize:

David has put up an increasing amount of money each year. During 1994 it was 35, in 1995 it was 40.. The prize for 1996 will be 45. You are not asked to contribute (I don't want to fall foul of any competition law but I can give away my own money if I want.)

How do I enter ?:

Send David Sugarman your top ten celebrities via the Dead Pool Entry Form. He will collate (and vet) and post the entries. At the end of the year, a real address for real money will be required.

The Rules:

  1. Thou shall honour David's word because David's word is final.
  2. Thou shall only select People who are alive. Animals, Buildings and Companies are acceptable at David's whim.
  3. But they must not be at Death's door (they have a nasty habit of getting better).
  4. Thou shall not enter Soap characters (or any fictional character).
  5. Thou shall not bombard David with messages telling him he is a sick person.
  6. Thou shall knowest that THERE IS NO RULE 6.
  7. Thou shall not enter Elvis, Lady Di, Lord Lucan, Superman, John Stonehouse or Shergar (This list may grow).
  8. Thou shall have OPPORTUNITIES for extra points during the year. During 1994 we ran a sweepstake on the number of bodies to come out of Fred West's garden. Unfortunately, we didn't guess he would hang himself. In 1995, we ran a sweepstake on the date of the verdict on Fred's wife Rosemary.

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